Thursday, 15 May 2008

I blog, therefore I am?

Recent years I’ve been introduced to many new things here on the net. Being a music fan I pretty early checked out myspace though it took me some years to actually put up my own site which soon developed into two when I figured out how to include music there.

Facebook came after that, but I still can’t really see the meaning of it except that it was a good way to re-connect and find old friends there. But if I wanted to take any of the tests I kept getting, why should I send the same test to at least twenty friends to see my result?

So now I thought it could be interesting to test a blog. Yes, I know it is old news now, but then it is time for me. Not sure what to make of it but I will test and use it as a news section for my Torpedo website. And also add some posts about recent things I heard, read, seen etc.

I also think it can be a useful means of storing information, like a personal library where I can file away interesting snippets that I might like to return to another day. And keep all my links and sites collected at one place.

As you (and I) probably will see is that I’ll mostly be very positive about things I write, but of course it will be about things I like- so there it goes. When you find and read this page I hope you will get some tips and information you’ll find interesting.

All tips for improvement are welcome as I am new to this “blog world”. You are welcome to mail me with suggestions for postings and links. But please be kind as this is my first time …

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